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What happens when a poet, a musician, a dancer, and painters all walk into a room?

Last month, I had the privilege of co-facilitating a workshop at CREATE (a conference for Christian creatives and those who love the arts) in Vancouver, and it was probably the best creative experience I’ve ever had!

The workshop featured four artists from different fields, and involved three parts.

Part 1: each artist came to the workshop with a prepared piece on the topic of “diversity”. Easy peasy - I just used a poem I already had.

Part 2: each artist had about 15 minutes to create a spontaneous piece on a randomly selected word given by the attendees (the word chosen was “joy”). This was haaaard! It usually takes me 2 weeks to write and finalize a poem, so writing in 15 mins and then presenting it was scary!!!

Part 3: the attendees got to choose an artist to learn from and work with, and together we created another spontaneous piece based on a different randomly selected word (the word was “vision”). This was even harder and scarier because I was writing with people I had never met, and who looked to me as an expert (cue imposter syndrome at this point)! But it was sooooo fulfilling! I felt so emotional knowing people wanted to learn from me and understand my creative process, and the poem we created in 30 mins was so good!

I wish I could relive that day. It was so magical, and I learned so much about honouring the creative process versus just the product.

Thank you @missioncentralconference , @pattykingsley , and @eileen.fufuberi for the opportunity to be apart of this. Thank you to @amelialjlee , @mydearestluke , and Marguerite for being brilliantly talented. And thank you Vancouver for being beautiful and making my heart full with all your mountains.

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